Dying plants reported here

Leucospermum sp., Restionaceae species
Protea repens, Leucadendron sp.

Share Your Observations!

There are three ways to report a dying plant for this project! The easiest way is to share an observation on iNaturalist and add it to our project: Dying plants in the Cape Floristic Region. Alternatively, you can share the observation in the webform below or contact us directly.

iNaturalist is a web-based research tool available as an smartphone app. With this tool, you can contribute by joining our project and adding your observations. Click here to see the latest observations.

Dying plants reported here

Report a Dying Plant!

Please fill in the below information to report a dying plant in the fynbos. This is the first phase of the project, once we acquire permits for sampling in the area of the report, we will coordinate sampling or invite sample submissions (phase two).

Please enter the plant species. If you do not know it, please type "Unknown". Please list up to 3 species, in the same order as the photos you upload.
Please include a link or reference ID if you have submitted photos of specimens in this location on Ispot/Whatspecies.
You may upload up to 3 images (one at a time). Uploading takes more time depending on file size.
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