Recreation with a purpose!

Have plans to spend time outside anywhere in the Cape Floristic Region?

  • You can contribute to research by simply submitting a photo of a dying plant!
  • Or, take it farther by submitting a sample!

You are welcome to participate in any phase of the project.

  • Want to learn how to extract DNA?
  • Want to become more intune with recognizing plant diseases?

Start by contacting us!

Where are the dying plants?

The fynbos biome is widely distributed, but we will accept samples and observations from far and wide. The research is focused on the Western Cape Province, generally encompassed in the area outlined below, but we would accept samples from anywhere fynbos plants are growing (e.g. Eastern Cape Province).

You can report dying plants or contribute by collecting soil from any of the sites selected for our Go Hiking for Science campaign. Some areas require permission and permits to collect samples so we recommend contacting us if you would like to sample somewhere. However, we could greatly appreciate any collections from areas that you have permission from the landowner. Further, if you own land in the area outlined below, please consider granting us permission the opportunity to study the species on your property.

We have permits for sampling in SANParks and Cape Nature lands, but the permits are for specific individuals and can only be extended to members of the general public with sufficient notice and indemnity. Please contact us if you would like to organize sampling on any of these lands.

Go Outdoors for Science