Power This Project

Contribute to something valuable!

We are always looking for additional sources of support. To us, more support equals a greater impact! There are many ways to power this project. We are open to sponsorship, partnership, donations, and any volunteering you can afford.

This project is already partially funded by the public. The success of our crowdfunding campaign illustrates there is public support for this type of research, and a need for the alternative outside-the-classroom education we provide.

You can power this project by sponsoring an activity for a day or a week (i.e. covering costs of food and transport for a group of youth that would not normally have such an opportunity), helping organize an outreach or sampling activity, contributing incentive for participation (rewards for sample submissions—e.g. extra credit, materials, contest-awards, food/beverage coupons, etc), or by directly funding the project to purchase lab supplies or sequencing costs.

If you are interested in powering this project, please contact us.

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