Partially Publically Funded

Tweets about Phytophthora

Partially Publically Funded


Crowdfunding is a form of fundraising where many people make contributions to reach a goal. Generally, if the project cannot reach its goal, it is not funded at all.


With contributions from more than 70 individuals, this project successfully reached its goal to raise $5,000 USD (~65,000 ZAR) through a web-platform called Experiment. This success demonstrates that there is public support for this research project.

Lab Notes

Lab Notes are a unique component of crowdfunding with Experiment. They are essentially blog posts created during the crowdfunding campaign. Below are a few selected Lab Notes relavent to becoming a pathogen hunter.

Surveying for Plant DestroyersFight them on the beaches or let the new order beginA recent excursion into sudden oak death infected lands