Helderberg Eco-Rangers

Helderberg Eco-Rangers

We spent a wonderful afternoon with the Helderberg Eco-Rangers, a nature club, on Friday, April 29th. The group was energetic and full of enthusiasm for learning about nature. We had a great time learning about plant disease and walking through the reserve to find sick plants for our research. 

Learning about plant disease

Looking for plant disease in the reserve

Before we went out, we cleaned our boots to ensure we were not spreading new microorganisms into the reserve.

Learning about phytosanitation and biosecurity

Cleaning our boots

During our walk through the beautiful Helderberg Reserve, the Eco-Rangers found many sick plants for us to examine and study.

We even found dying protea plants, which we decided to sample.

Protea repens flower

Eco-Rangers Sampling Protea repens

After we collected some samples of the dying tissues at the base of the sample, we placed the peices in growth agar to see which microbes grew.

Isolating Phytophthora



Eco-Ranger Plates